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Régis Bourgine, passionate wine merchant in Courbevoie


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Is it heredity or shared love? Regis Bourgine joined his mother's business (Nicole has been a wine merchant since 1983) for a few days.... and couldn't leave it. His vocation was born!

After spending weekends amongst the vines, holidays dedicated to meeting women and men who live wine making, together with just a few (!) tastings …. he dived in.

Passion did the rest. Wonderful meetings with wine makers whose passion for wine make them fascinating. Many have become stars! What whiskies unearthed and tasted – in Scotland and elsewhere.

All these wonderful experiences are essential if one is to develop a coherent wine culture and create a selection which is both specialised and approachable.

Listening, love of good food, sharing experiences, curiosity, several years organising tasting evenings have joined together to make someone open to your needs and your wishes, miles away from the cliché of the "all knowing" wine merchant.

Fashion doesn't hold sway with him.

His only truth is your pleasure and that of your hosts.

Caves de la Halle Wine merchant Avallon Caves de la Halle Wine merchant Avallon


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