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Fougeray de Beauclair - Burgundy

Domaine Fougeray de Beauclair - Patrice Ollivier

The Fougeray de Beauclair estate was created in 1978 by Evelyne and Jean-Louis Fougeray. After studying in Dijon, their daughter Laurence and her husband Patrice Ollivier joined them in 1991. Patrice, son of a winemaker in Provence supplies some new ideas – and his accent!




They extract the very essence of their best holdings, Bonnes Mares in Morey and the Clos Marion in Fixin (pronounced "Fissin"!) just as they do from their numerous holdings in Marsannay, Savigny, Gevrey Chambertin, Morey Saint Denis and Chambolle Musigny.

Il all the vines, they follow the same high quality approach, living soil, treatments with copper and sulphur, the use of pheromones, harvesting at full ripeness and vinification which respects the fruit.

Fine, (even great) wines, a story such as we love. And far from over.

Domaine Fougeray de Beauclair

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