Caves de la Halle

Régis Bourgine, passionate wine merchant in Courbevoie


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A Real Talent Spotter

Why them?

Why so few?

We can't list them all, these wine makers we love, and who deserve to be in the limelight.

These ones here, despite their differences, are nevertheless representative, through their commitment, their attention to detail, their endless self questioning, and also their curiosity towards the work of others as well.

They've all taught me, and even nowadays we exchange our experiments, our doubts, our worry about the weather or the tractor, our pleasures and sometimes our fury, often over a glass or two!

But I love you too, Isabelle, Claire, Laurence, Michel, Samuel, Jean François, Régis, Jean Louis, Jacques, Bernard, Jean Pierre, Gérard, Paul, Robert, Pascal, Christophe, Christian, Dominique, Yannick, Alain, Gilles, Patrick and the rest of you…….




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